We are excited to introduce you to our 2017 adventure through the whole Bible. We will be taking the next 12 months to read through, preach through and dig through the Story of God from cover to cover, seeing how all stories point to the one big, beautiful story of Jesus! There are three layers we encourage you to engage on...


The Personal Layer

The personal layer is about learning the Scriptures through a daily commitment to opening your heart and mind to God through the spiritual discipline of Bible reading. We will all be going through the same daily Bible reading plan (below) that will take us through cover to cover. We encourage you to download the "Read Scripture" app (below) for your phone as the reading plan and videos are most easily accessible.

The Communal Layer

The communal layer is about experiencing Scripture together in our weekly community groups. Each week we will infuse our group discussions with questions and readings from the current week that will help you engage what you are reading with others. The Bible wasn't designed to be read in isolation, we encourage you to join a group and get around other people that are following Jesus. 

The Worshipful Layer

The worshipful layer is about experiencing God in Scripture and worship during our Sunday gatherings. We will be taking our teaching from the 16 major chapters the reading plan is broken up into and structuring our gatherings and worship around what we are learning through the Bible together!